This resource embraces science, engineering and art in general and translates personal projects as well.

Authors are welcome. We expect serious texts of tutorial and essay type, no “blah-blah” allowed. The authors should demonstrate solid knowledge of their subject, clear language and strong materialistic attitude (no religious discourse here, sorry…) The following areas are of particular interest:

  • Tutorials on all aspects of telecommunications, information technology & electronics
  • Tutorials on telecommunication hardware
  • Tutorials on software operation
  • Warfare & civil machinery, including those of times bygone
  • Political economy
  • Contemporary Russia: diagnoses & solutions
  • Philosophy of art & science
  • Cultural trends & paradigms, ways of tradition in modern culture
  • Controversial aspects of history
  • Advances in medical science

This website is run in Russian and English. The articles come in Russian whenever their authors want to address the Russian audience specifically. Otherwise they are usually in English in order to embrace a larger audience.

You may send your comments and questions to info@athenaea.net. Individual authors may be contacted via their personal e-mail addresses noted in the Bio section.

We hope you will find here what you have been seeking after.

May we all catch an arrow from the sun.